The Whole Herb Company is a direct importer of organic and conventional raw ingredients supplying the Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical, Personal and Pet Care industries. For more than 50 years we have used our global reach, product expertise, and commitment to product safety to provide our customers with the highest quality botanicals and spices.

As part of the Berjé Group, the Whole Herb Company puts safety and compliance first: we promise to deliver superior quality and service that lives up to our values of integrity, leadership, diversity, and passion. Together, we provide a comprehensive range of more than 3,000 unique products. Many of these items have a multitude of uses within flavor, fragrance, and functional applications, providing us unprecedented versatility within our trade.

dried Botanicals


We offer an extensive catalog of botanicals that can be shipped whole, cut and sifted, fine cut, or powdered.



At-source seasonings that are obtained from the bark, buds, fruit, flowers, roots, seeds, or stems of countless aromatic plants.


Essential Oils

Through our parent company, Berjé Inc., we offer an extensive range of essential oils and extracts.


Tea Ingredients

We search out the finest tea ingredients in the world, and seasonally import botanicals from key regions such as India, China, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, and South America



Whole Herb offers a variety of in-house blends for both tea and spice applications; these are available for co-packaging or individual branding purposes.